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A Course in Light

Series 5 - A Course in Light

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A New Dimension of Self and The Temple of Healing

Angelic Lessons 1 – 3 and The Monadic

  • Angel 1 is the angel lightwork beginning by moving you into a new phase of consciousness originating and transpiring from the angelic realm. You experience yourself drawn into the dimension beyond the 5th level of soul and the activation process of healing in you.
  • Angel 2 continues healing and furthering the balance and harmony in all aspects of yourself.
  • Angel 3 is described as the most beautiful level of the lightwork.
  • The Monadic level of consciousness is where you experience true oneness of all that is. This truly is a doorway to Cosmic Consciousness. Awesome!!!!

Antoinette Moltzan

Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan is often referred too as one of the world’s profound Spiritual Mediums of our modern times. Working with Light energy and the spiritual guidance of the Ascended Masters, Antoinette is truly gifted and blessed and is the author of A Course in Light.