What is A Course in Light?

A Course in Light presents the wisdom of the ascended masters teachings as specific techniques and processes to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth in every way. The course is energy work as a form of quantum physics in that it is the activation of light energy and the science of light that transforms your thoughts, feelings, life and energy fields. Structured over 5 series, with attunement process to awaken the tools and frequencies of light as presented to humanity by the spiritual source – Melchizedek.

A Course in Light is a self study or group study for spiritual development and introduces you to meditations and messages that impact your life. It opens the mind to see and hear the guidance of your inner self. The teachings have been transmitted in order for everyone to have access to the laws and principles taught through the many universal teachings of philosophy, religion and psychology. 

A Course in Light is a teaching presented to all for the specific purpose of raising awareness and consciousness to the shifts taking place in humanity and the planet. The lightwork awakens you to your higher purpose and potential. 

A Course in Light begins or continues your walk to enlightenment. Each book is a part of series of lessons, guided meditations and messages from the Order of Melchizedek. Each ascended master or angelic one brings the teachings of light and love with profound experiences. Each meditation and message is recorded and available on cds + mp3. These are guided tools assisting you in clearing yourself from unhappy and negative factors . Each lesson brings surprises and opportunities to break old patterns causing resistance to love. 

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A course in light