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A Course in Light

eBook - Project Light Vol 2

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Channelled messages from the Ascended masters for personal growth and for sharing with others. You have the inspiration and healing of the masters with the energy of these messages. They never grow old and they keep you in touch with your highest aspirations!

  • Unity of Light
  • Earth in the Hands of Higher Consciousness
  • Crossroads in Life – New Beginning Spiritually
  • Windows in Time – Melchizedek
  • Value your Life – Vision for Healing
  • Ascension and Planetary Meditation
  • Knowing Transformation is Good
  • One with All That Is
  • Higher Purpose for the US – Without Limitations
  • Sharing the Vision

Antoinette Moltzan

Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan is often referred too as one of the world’s profound Spiritual Mediums of our modern times. Working with Light energy and the spiritual guidance of the Ascended Masters, Antoinette is truly gifted and blessed and is the author of A Course in Light.