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A Course in Light

eBook - Open to Light

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A book sharing the messages given by disciple Andrew of the order of Melchizedek.  In reading his transmissions, you discover the wisdom and power of his teaching. Open to light is a book that weaves the experiences of author Antoinette Moltzan along with the channeling received from this spiritual source.

  • Mirror of the Self
  • Destiny as Fate or Choice
  • Life Connections
  • Earth Healing Through You
  • Healing the Body
  • Finding Love
  • Cosmic Sense
  • Becoming Extraordinary
  • Alien or Alter Ego
  • Light in Living
  • Truth – A Spiral of Consciousness
  • On the Threshold of Change

Antoinette Moltzan

Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan is often referred too as one of the world’s profound Spiritual Mediums of our modern times. Working with Light energy and the spiritual guidance of the Ascended Masters, Antoinette is truly gifted and blessed and is the author of A Course in Light.