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A Course in Light

Series 2 - A Course in Light

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Attune and Activations within your Human System

  • Planetary Level 1  (12 guided meditation MP3's)
  • Planetary Level 2 (12 guided meditation MP3's)
  • Planetary Level 3 (11 guided meditation MP3's)

Planetary Levels 1, 2 & 3

There are there levels in Series 2 which is the activity associated with Planetary Light work and expanded consciousness.  Each level increases the energy of light with your vibration extending the magnetic force field and aligning with the higher self.  Two new tools are introduced and the rainbow bridge is activated.

Planetary levels are guided meditations for the purpose of raising the consciousness of the planet earth, as well as healing the individual states of being. Visualisation increases as one experiences the oneness of all life and connection to the purpose of being planetary citizens. 

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Antoinette Moltzan

Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan is often referred too as one of the world’s profound Spiritual Mediums of our modern times. Working with Light energy and the spiritual guidance of the Ascended Masters, Antoinette is truly gifted and blessed and is the author of A Course in Light.